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Our products reflects 25 years of quality developement.

1993 Foundation of ZPV

Work started in this year on transformation of the premises of the original production line for black-and-white screens of the former Tesla Rožnov into renovated premises for production of car mats.

1994 Start of production of the first rubber mats

And here it is. Our company’s history begins with the first mat being pulled from the vulcanisation press.

1997 Gaining ISO 9001 certification

Gaining this certification opened the door, so to speak, to the world of the automotive industry. Our first customers are Škoda Auto and the Italian Fiat.

1997 Launch of rubber-textile mats onto the market

We introduced the unique Rubber-textile product onto the market, thanks to which we assume the position of market leader in production of car mats and maintain this for a long time.

1998 Merger with Gumotex Břeclav

ZPV merges with the main supplier and development partner Gumotex Břeclav, leading to creation of the current ZPV Rožnov s.r.o.

2000 Start of production of textile mats

As a further challenge, we decided to expand production to include textile mats, soon to play an important role in the production portfolio.

2003 Gaining ISO/TS 16949 certification

This certification is a pillar of suppliers to the automotive industry and a reference standard for quality and process management.

2012 Installation of the first press for injection moulding of TPE materials

With this step, we started production of recyclable car mats made from TPE, meeting the most demanding of requirements in the automotive industry.

2013 Relocation of textile production to newly established premises

Fundamental augmentation of production capacities occurs (more than 1 mil. sets) on the premises of a newly renovated building.



ZPV is certified according to the quality standard in the automotive industry – IATF 16949 and also in line with the environmental standard – ISO 14001 and the occupational safety standard – ISO 45001.

ZPV holds valid certificates for the product group car mats and large-area products – rubber, rubber-textile, thermoplastic and textile.

Within the framework of its management system, ZPV also thoroughly applies requirements from the field of social responsibility, sustainable development and principles of responsible business. These principles are defined in the binding “Employee Code of Ethics”.

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Trunk liner for Bentley Bentayga.

Production of VW Touran textile mats has began.


ZPV Rožnov s.r.o. is a major supplier of automotive car mats - the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) since 1994.